• Technical Difficulty: moderate
  • Distance: 2,37km
  • Ends at the starting point: Yes
  • Maximum Altitude: 512m



Discovered in 2009 by a Villabuena resident, Roberto Ibañez. Javier Fernandez Eraso and Jose Antonio Mujika began the excavation in 2010.

this is a bronze age tomb, from collective burial and often called passage grave, very similar to others in Rioja Alavesa. consists of three parts: the chamber, made from six large gravestones (Orthostates) vertically nailed; the passage, only 2.30 m. long, containing 2 gravestones; the burial mound, very altered and with spherical shape. its height must have been around 3 meters.

p>Human cranium remains, teeth, a vertebra and phalange were found inside the tomb. in addition, a campaniformis type ceramic fragment, five nucleus, eight lithic flakes and two of hispanic tierra sigillata.

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