Society: Ibaiola harriak

Villabuena de Álava has brought to light the dream of a farmer, who left a vineyard dry to make it an area of peace and meditation and even the last home for those who repel conventional cementeries.

Joseba Ibáñez has a piece of land a mile and a half from Villabuena, which was once a vineyard but did not want to go work on the fields any more.

On the contrary, he decided to leave that place to recreate his imagination, a non-Catholic cementery, Ibaola Harriak, and conceived with a very different approach, so much that he even made a dolmen, in what he considers “my space.”

Ibaola Harriak is a unique, different cementery that wants to be an alternative to religious cementeries and to the ash cave. Based on a megalithic aesthetic and integrated into the environment, it proposes a funerary rite inspired by the ancestral.

In January 2012 work began with the idea of creating a unique space, recreating megalithic monuments and reforesting the plot. Later came the idea of making the place an atheist cementery, since it could be a good complement to the initial project.


Stones are offered between one and two meters high, where at the foot of them can deposit the ashes. The stones, hilarriak, representing the deceased, may be carved or marked with symbols or references that identify you.

Who is interested in this concept of cemetery?
For example:

  • To a family that has the ashes of a relative and does not know what to do with them and wants to have a reference site of their remains.
  • A person who buys a stone, works it or the mark with symbols that identify him so that when he dies he can have a reference of his existence.
  • To a group of friends who decide to buy a stone to gather in it the ashes of each one with the rest of the others, symbolizing thus of “together forever”.
  • To a person looking for a non-religious cemetery, etc.