Villabuena de Álava: Economy and society

Villabuena de Alava/Eskuernaga can presume of the convivence in different stages and cultures, but in all of them The wine is present. The large wine tradition allows the neighbours to live exclusively from the singlecrop farming of grapes and the production of wine with guarantee of region of origin La rioja. Althouh it is a small town, there are 50 cellars. Some of them can be visited by curious and enthusiasts of wine in an enoturistic tour where they can learn the ins and outs of the production of the wine, and after to enjoy a wine-tasting.

Villabuena de Álava/Eskuernaga has a neighborhood dedicated to the traditional cellars, althouh nowadays they spread in all the territory. As a tribute there is an iron sculpture that simbolises the elaboration of wine, created by the neighbours.

It is true than since 1900, when the town had 475 inhabitants , its population has decreased, but the town itself has grown without stop. Now you can enjoy, not only the fabulous cellars but restaurants, a five star hotel, a phisiotherapy center, shops, bars and a Pharmacy.

Villabuena de Alava/Eskuernaga has always been loyal to its traditions and that is why every 15th of may and since 1657 they celebrate the patron saint´s day in honour of San Torcuato, aswell as on the 30th of november they celebrate San Andrés to whom its parish church is dedicated.